Always Undecided – Border Bar – Pittston PA

In this episode tonight we decided to venture to the Tomato Bar in Pittston to check out a couple of guys trying to do something they love they play All Around NEPA and they have an absolute blast they have much love and no intention of slowing down check out 2018 Steamtown Music Awards best artist Always Undecided

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Video Spotlight with LadySpitfire & Kickazz: The Spider Accomplice

The Spider Accomplice’s Los Angeles Trilogy, in its sonic diversity, represents Los Angeles itself; the most glittering microcosm of the planet. Every day, people stream into Hollywood, hoping to find something. The Spider Accomplice’s sound celebrates those quests and the opportunities, disappointments, challenges, and heartbreaks that they hold. And by doing so, it demonstrates that the song of LA is the song of all humanity. Check them out

LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 13 featuring BetylJoos, Civil Discord, Lese Majesty, Last Snow and Eric Val

In this episode we talk about our Greek / London vacation featuring artists

Betyljoos – Betyljoos is a blend of metal, grunge and alternative with female vocals from Staten Island, NY

Civil Discord – It’s a fierce world out there and unless you’re Civil Discord, you might get swept up before ever getting your feet on the ground. The Philadelphia rock outfit not only know where they’re going, but have a rock solid history that put them here today – They are from King of Prussia, PA

Lese Majesty – Lese Majesty’s music spans a wide scope of dynamics shapeshifting from the dark moody atmospheric soundscapes to the frantic prog-rock inspired “Age of Outrage.” They are from Australia

Last Snow – Join our prayer circle and help us summon more dark cat overlords! There is no Mittens, only Bastet!! Bonus: Get to hear Madonna’s “Just Like a Prayer” the way it was always meant to be played! They are from St. Paul

Eric Val – From Watstontown; “I hide it well, no one can tell-My Own Hell” Second single off the upcoming album My Gift, My Curse by Diverse Rock Artist Eric Val.

You can listen to the episode here

Vacation in Greece

You can find the pictures here

This is and always will be my number one vacation.

Famous words of Stacey Toy

Closest you will get to heaven

I’ve never been so relaxed and happy in all my life.

Whatever happened to the I in team?

What could possibly be on my mind at 12:25 am.
I am so livid right now it isn’t even funny. Link to full post in comments.

I can’t even contain my emotions right now. I can’t sleep. I’m absolutely livid.
What I will say is this … 💯 percent wrong, this is my opinion that I’m entitled too and you can’t take it away.

There’s always two sides on every story but the side I’m supporting is 100% truth. I will forever support Justin Adam Brown.

Actions of the people behind this was completely uncalled for. Same organization I have issues with – we, me and Glynn, qualified for a combination of 5 categories, and we are never acknowedged. I asked to 🎁 at the event, not one reply.

I have been overlooked by everyone involved in this yearly event every year. Never again. There are lots of talent out there that don’t even get recognized.

Any kind of an award ceremony is very demoralizing. There is no such thing as “Best” of anything because all your doing is turning people against one another – this will never happen again – not on my watch.

We are permanent winners because we see more and do more than ANYONE. Why do people always ask why we never stay home here’s one good reason why to avoid b/s like this. I’m ashamed of it all.

Full Story Here

Great Allentown Fair

Tonight’s adventure took us to the Greater Allentown Fair where we saw Gym Class Heroes

The OffSpring!

And 311!

Other than this the Great Allentown Fair has declined over the years! They don’t even have potato pancakes! BOOOO but other than we had a great time …until the next adventure

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