Whatever happened to the I in team?

What could possibly be on my mind at 12:25 am.
I am so livid right now it isn’t even funny. Link to full post in comments.

I can’t even contain my emotions right now. I can’t sleep. I’m absolutely livid.
What I will say is this … 💯 percent wrong, this is my opinion that I’m entitled too and you can’t take it away.

There’s always two sides on every story but the side I’m supporting is 100% truth. I will forever support Justin Adam Brown.

Actions of the people behind this was completely uncalled for. Same organization I have issues with – we, me and Glynn, qualified for a combination of 5 categories, and we are never acknowedged. I asked to 🎁 at the event, not one reply.

I have been overlooked by everyone involved in this yearly event every year. Never again. There are lots of talent out there that don’t even get recognized.

Any kind of an award ceremony is very demoralizing. There is no such thing as “Best” of anything because all your doing is turning people against one another – this will never happen again – not on my watch.

We are permanent winners because we see more and do more than ANYONE. Why do people always ask why we never stay home here’s one good reason why to avoid b/s like this. I’m ashamed of it all.

Full Story Here


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