Vacation in Greece

You can find the pictures here

This is and always will be my number one vacation.

Famous words of Stacey Toy

Closest you will get to heaven

I’ve never been so relaxed and happy in all my life.


Whatever happened to the I in team?

What could possibly be on my mind at 12:25 am.
I am so livid right now it isn’t even funny. Link to full post in comments.

I can’t even contain my emotions right now. I can’t sleep. I’m absolutely livid.
What I will say is this … ­čĺ» percent wrong, this is my opinion that I’m entitled too and you can’t take it away.

There’s always two sides on every story but the side I’m supporting is 100% truth. I will forever support Justin Adam Brown.

Actions of the people behind this was completely uncalled for. Same organization I have issues with – we, me and Glynn, qualified for a combination of 5 categories, and we are never acknowedged. I asked to ­čÄü at the event, not one reply.

I have been overlooked by everyone involved in this yearly event every year. Never again. There are lots of talent out there that don’t even get recognized.

Any kind of an award ceremony is very demoralizing. There is no such thing as “Best” of anything because all your doing is turning people against one another – this will never happen again – not on my watch.

We are permanent winners because we see more and do more than ANYONE. Why do people always ask why we never stay home here’s one good reason why to avoid b/s like this. I’m ashamed of it all.

Full Story Here

Great Allentown Fair

Tonight’s adventure took us to the Greater Allentown Fair where we saw Gym Class Heroes

The OffSpring!

And 311!

Other than this the Great Allentown Fair has declined over the years! They don’t even have potato pancakes! BOOOO but other than we had a great time …until the next adventure

LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 12 featuring Pierced, Champ De Mars, Mackatac, Arcsin, Sean O Reilly and Eric Val

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Pierced: New Jersey
Pierced is a NJ Metal band bringing fresh new evil in uncharted Metal waters. The new song and Video “The Fist” is just a taste of what’s to come. Stay in touch for Bigger, Badder and More Metal!!!

Champ De Mars: Alexandria
Indie rock band with Northern California roots, now transplanted to Alexandria, Virginia. Indie pop craftsmanship with unique tuned guitars creating distinctive sonic textures. View our full details at

Mackatac: Switzerland
Macakatac is a virtual mainstream rock band based in Switzerland and formed in 2017 by Mirco Parata, consists of several fictional animated members (The macakatax). Their style represents several genres of rock n’roll including blues rock, punk rock

Arcsin: Florida
South Florida-based five-piece progressive metal band combines heavy guitars and drums, atmospheric keyboards and power vocals with a touch of brutal growls. For fans of Nevermore, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Arch Enemy, Mercenary, and more.

Sean O Reilly: Connecticut
Old school Singer-Songwriter tunes trapped in the digital domain of modern day: piano and vocal melodies adorned by hand with woodwind ensembles and shimmering synthesizers.

Eric Val: Watsontown
“I hide it well, no one can tell-My Own Hell” Second single off the upcoming album My Gift, My Curse by Diverse Rock Artist Eric Val.

#POTUS in the Valley

That’s right #POTUS came to Scranton – Wilkes Barre Last night – this is how our night started out.

The excitement was there because we chose to go see the president – didn’t say “our” president.

Posted some pics from the event ( see below) – Where we were sitting – you can see we had a good picture of President Trump & Lou Barletta, the reason why he was here.


Then – all of a sudden our Facebook feeds got ugly

People deleted me over it. People that I have supported or friends with for years and this is what I got in return.
A big fat delete w/o explanation all over this. People like this who are allowing political views over friendship are disgusting.  One person actually went out and did this


but thanks to our good friends , who know us personally stood up for us and understand where we are coming from. The best one was at the end of the night getting this message from someone again that we have mad respect for.

Lucia and Glynn, I love having you as friends. I think you are terrific people and love following you on Facebook. Your post tonight was uncomfortable for me to read and many of the comments posted were views and opinions that are in conflict with my beliefs and values. I would love to stay in touch with you. I do not think Facebook is the best way to do it at this time.
So, here’s the bottom line.
Glynn and I are a #nopolitic zone. Doesn’t matter who would have been in the Valley last night we would of been there. At the end of the night – this is what Glynn posted to support us.

Go figure. Idk what’s left, right, laughable or hurtful after all the comments on my photo essay tonight. Essentially┬áLucia┬á& I enjoy events. I document the events through photos and it doesn’t mean my political views are parallel to anyone elses. I live in a bubble for 4 months every year and for the other eight months I get to see, firsthand, other cultures, societies and people. I document that for everyone who cares to see it. I don’t know that I dislike anything in our country so much to say that I Hate it. I am merely a conscientious observer and allow people to form their own opinions and views. Hey. It’s a free country.


“If You’re Thinking About Solving a Problem That Can be Solved in Your Lifetime, You’re Thinking Too Small” This is the Future! Embrace It!

Quit wasting your life – sharing your belief – he’s still the president and you can’t change it. Live your life up, and live it loud.
Last but not least – This is where I come in and tell you all my stance on it.

Somethings will NEVER change


what does this mean?

It means that Somethings will never change when it comes to social media platforms.
Facebook wants you for your money, they don’t care about small businesses, same thing with the others Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter etc…

unless you got a creative way to promote & there’s no money in it – people see your posts but don’t react to it.

Somethings gotta change.


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